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Tuesday, April 26 2011
Here’s a problem scenario for all you homeowners and renters that rely on private wells for your water supply:

First, you move into a lovely new home in need of a new well. So, you hire a well drilling company, putting your trust in the technician’s expertise. After all, we can’t just “see” down a well without the appropriate technology. The well company tells you they will provide both you and your neighbor each with a 300’ well, for a deal you can’t refuse. It’s an expensive job, but it’s certainly a priority as you move into your home.

Soon after, you find that you have sediment in your water. As many wells have this same issue, you hire a licensed technician to install a sand separator. The separator is easy to maintain since the only maintenance required is to change the sediment filter as needed. You can do this easily. Problem solved.

Years later, you have no water. This issue may be harder for you to diagnose since there are various reasons you could have no water. For example, you may have issues with your pump, lightning may have struck during a storm, a breaker has tripped, or maybe your well has simply run dry. Knowing this, you hire a technician to come to your home and diagnose the problem.

But what if the issue was much deeper than you thought?

We recently ran into this issue with a customer of ours. Their well was only 15 years old. What was an initial “No Water” call has now turned into a much deeper issue: the well casing stops at 15’, with the bedrock beginning at 18’ down. This leaves a gap of 3 feet where the casing fails to meet the bedrock, letting in more than just groundwater. The pump, originally down at 75’, is completely buried under sand and mud.

It turns out that our customers’ well was never 300’ down like they were told, but instead the well stops entirely at 95’ down.

We found out this was the issue when we had tried to pull the well pump. The wire for the pump snapped, and so did the cable we had used to pull it. Once this happened, we went ahead used our camera to drop inside the well. At just 15’ we noticed that the casing opened up and created almost a shelf underground where it failed to meet the bedrock. As the camera reached to the water, we could see murky, muddy water sitting in the well. We dropped the camera further to about 75’, where mud had collected and buried the pump underneath. The camera could not go farther.

After preparing to leave the jobsite, I walked around the well. To my surprise, I sunk in the ground about three feet up to my waist. The ground around the well was unstable because it had been caving into the well, creating another potential danger.

After talking with our customer and explaining the situation, they called our office with some interesting information. Our customer remembers working with the well company that put in their well. The company told our customer that it would provide a deal for our customer and their neighbor. The company would drill two 300’ wells for a great price. It turns out that the company did not hold true to this deal, but instead lied. The company did indeed drill the well, but once we did our research and reviewed our footage from the camera, we found out that the well was only drilled down to 95 feet.

Now, our customer has numerous problems because of the well company’s dishonesty and poor workmanship.

To solve the problem, we worked with a well drilling company that we trust, to ensure that our customer will receive what they paid for: quality, guaranteed workmanship – no lies, no gimmicks, but instead a well that will last. They now have a new well, and the old well has been decommissioned.

So what can you do to try and avoid this problem for your own home? Be sure to hire LICENSED TECHNICIANS that have received good recommendations and reviews from people you trust, and pay attention to your water quality.

No homeowner should have to deal with this situation.

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